In 2012 the Victorian Basenji Breed Association (VBBA) commenced a national Basenji Rescue and Adoption Service (Basenji Rescue Net Australia (BRNA)). Since that time BRNA has assisted a number of Basenjis find new, forever homes. Sadly, some of the Basenjis assisted by BRNA were found stray and/or abandoned. In all cases the Basenji was microchipped. In all cases the Basenji was not reunited with its owner. Why? Firstly, the owners details were not up-to-date in the national registry database or the microchip was not lodged with a national registry making a reunion impossible. Secondly, it would appear that these owners did not want the dogs back as it appears no search was initiated to find them.

In the stressful process of moving house or in the excitement of taking a new puppy home it is easy to overlook the mundane but highly important task of updating the microchip registry. As part of the Victorian Basenji Breed Associations Second Effort Programme we are offering a ‘microchip reminder’ free to any Basenji owner. The service is a free service for all Basenji owners including non VBBA members.

NB – What this service in not.
This service is not an alternative to a national registry such as National Pet Registry or Central Animal records. You must register your pets microchip on a national registry.

The purpose of this website
The purpose of the VBBA Second Effort Programme is to act as a second line of defense for your Basenji – we already have are SOS card for our members. In the case of ‘microchip reminders’ this means sending timely periodic reminders to you to keep your records on the national registries up-to-date and we hope that we might also assist in finding and repatriating your beloved Basenji in the event that it is lost. We do this by:

  • offering you the option to register your pets microchip details and your contact details and its breeders details on this website;
  • offering breeders the option to register their entire litter and to update the database with the new owners details once the puppy is sold;
  • maintaining the breeders details, if known, on the dogs record so that if the dogs comes into our rescue service we have the option to call the breeder as a last resort;
  • checking that your Basenjis microchip is lodged with a national registry and reminding your to lodge it if it is not;
  • sending you a reminder to update the national registry if you update your details in the VBBA database;
  • sending you an email approximately 2-3 times per year to remind you to check that your details are correct on the national registry as well as on this website;
  • managing email bounce backs with follow-up calls or postal communication to ensure that details are up-to-date on this site and more importantly on they are current on the national registry; and
  • offering the facility to update your details on-line, at this website, at anytime.



If you are the dogs owner register the microchip here.

Owner of dog

If you bred and own this dog register the microchip here.


If your Basenji was bred in NSW or you lived in NSW and have moved out of that state. Please read the section below – NSW Companion Animal Registry.

The RSPCA, other animal pet rescue organisations and council rangers have contacted the VBBA in relation to Basenjis found stray. On each occasion through working with these organisations and our network we were able to find who bred the dog.However, the last owner could not be found because records had not been updated when the dog was re-homed. We hope that reminders sent from this website will ensure that updating these details will not be overlooked should you move house or change your contact details in anyway..

NSW Companion Animal Registry (NSW CAR)
If your Basenji was bred in NSW it will be microchipped. As part of NSW State legislation the microchip will be lodged by the breeder with the NSW Companion Animals Register (NSW CAR)  The NSW CAR is a NSW Government database provided for NSW local councils to record registration information of cats and dogs resident in NSW. The NSW CAR only records council registrations and is not a national register of microchips. Information recorded on the NSW CAR is confidential and not widely available for access by authorities outside NSW. This means that if you purchase a puppy and live outside NSW or move from NSW to another state and you pet is lost and found ownership may be difficult to be established and your pet might be re-homed whilst you are looking for it.

Privacy Statement
Contact details and information lodged on this website is bound by the VBBA privacy policy which can be reviewed here.