To enter your Basenjis microchip details commence by completing the form below.

I have found a lost Basenji what do I do?
In the event that you have found a Basenji and have its microchip number contact us. Check here to ascertain which national registry the dog is registered with and make contact with the registry. If you do not have the dogs microchip number take it to a scanning center – all vets will be able to assist with scanning the dog. Contact the VBBA for further assistance.

Microchip not found 

  1. You will be forwarded to the next section.
  2. Complete all required details and add as much of the none required information as possible.
  3. Keep a record of the unique link to the dogs profile. The link will be emailed to you on submission of the details. The link will allow you to up date the dogs details when required.

Microchip number is found

  1. If you lodged the microchip details for this dog and you wish to update your details use the unique link emailed to you when you initially submitted the details. If you have lost your unique link go to the lost link recovery page to retrieve it.
  2. If you did not lodge the details. We will need to verification of your ownership. Please email the site administration for further information and assistance.